Interview with Photographer Hien Nguyen




Photo: Travis Yaggie

Welcome to the second write up of an interview with a photographer.  Every once and a while I choose a photographer who I have worked with to do an interview.  These are photographers who have proven to me time and time again that they are reliable, professional, and of the highest quality.  Unless specified otherwise, these are all Northern Colorado based photographers.  I highly recommend each and every one of these individuals.  If you are looking to update your portfolio and want to spend your money on someone who will guarantee you amazing images, this is the blog post you want to read. 

This week’s photographer is….


Hien is definitely one of my go-to’s when I am looking for beautiful content for my blog posts. You will see a ton of her work all over my website. I always know that I am going to get clean images from her, and never had to worry about small details. She always has some sort of trick up her sleeve wardrobe wise, and I love seeing her visions for me come to life post-shoot.  

Studio Space: Location, currently searching for a new creative studio space

IG 1: @HNguyenPhotography

IG 2: @SundayNightMeets


Favorite shoot I’ve done with her: Sunflower field. I think the images we got out of it were very emotional and eye catching (featured set).

Favorite moment off camera: Life talks. Hien has some fire in her- watch out!!



Ashlie: First off, since this is important, for the people who may not know.... HOW do you say your name?

Hien: H-Ian like Ian then add an H in front of it

Ashlie: What got you into photography?

Hien: As a kid I was always the one with the camera in the family. I took photos for the family when would go on vacation.. etc. Growing up I was very into graphic design and web design, which meant that I needed to create content. I started taking photos for my high school senior friends as a junior. The rest is history.


Ashlie: Tell me a bit about what you shoot for your business?

Hien: My main income comes from weddings, senior portraits, and family sessions. I also shoot model sessions (fashion, lifestyle, beauty) and boudoir with clients.

Ashlie: When shooting families, how do you keep everyone focused yet still keep the general feel fun?

Hien: I keep constant interaction with the kids by introducing myself and making them feel welcome. I tend to bribe them with either ice cream or candies to keep them focused and on their best behavior.


Ashlie: One of my favorite things about working with you is your attention to detail.  What do you attribute your great eye to?

Hien: Experience- practice and more practice. There are many times I would go home and edit and session and think to myself, “Man! I wish I should have done this or this differently. “

Ashlie: What do you like to do when you are not shooting or editing?

Hien: Nap! You can't go wrong with afternoon naps!


Ashlie: How often do you get to do fun, creative shoots to prevent burnout?

Hien: Recently I started a meet up group called "Sunday Night Meets." I use this as an opportunity to meet new creatives; it’s my new creative outlet. I used to do multiple collaborative sessions a week, but then I realized that I was burning myself out with paid and creative shoots. Sunday Night Meets is keeping my excessive shooting under control.

(Instagram for Sunday Night Meets: @SundayNightMeets)

(FaceBook for Sunday Night Meets: Click here)

Ashlie: Favorite part of working with models?  Favorite part of working with clients?

Hien: My favorite part about clients is that they are real people- they have real emotions so therefore their images reflect their real love for one another. Models are very open to new concepts, poses, clothing. It’s about creating something different and eye catching.

Ashlie: You sometimes (always with me it seems) have a wardrobe for models.  This is the coolest thing ever. Why do you have a “model closet,” and what do you do with the pieces when you are done with them?

Hien: I offer clothing for models because I can see the images in my head. Models can't read my mind so most of the time their style in clothing isn't the same as mine. I buy pieces that fit me. I don't buy clothes that I won't be able to wear, of course.

Ashlie: What do you think is the best way to convey your value as a photographer in such a saturated market?

Hien: I put in 100% effort no matter if it’s a discounted session, contracted work, or a collaboration concept. To stand out from a crowd isn't being able to pick out your competition, it’s to give 100% consistency.

Ashlie: Favorite location to shoot in Colorado?

Hien: All over. Paint Mines, Barr Lake, Rino...etc.

Ashlie: Best piece of advice for aspiring models from a photographer’s perspective?  What about for professional models?

Hien: Aspiring and professional models should give respect to photographers, hair and makeup artist, videographer, etc. of every level. It does not matter if their (the creative’s) work isn't up to par with what they are used to, because it may be one day. Don't burn bridges. Don’t use your social media status as an excuse for not compensating your photographer, especially when you are the one reaching out to shoot. A simple explanation of why you can't afford their rate at the moment will go a long way.

Ashlie Wynne