July 2018's Featured Photographer


Matt Archer


Once again I present to you what started as a very sarcastic shoot concept with a ridiculous concept planning board.  I'm pretty sure that Matt suggested that we do a shoot with pizza.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love pizza.  I grew up in New York so it's definitely a staple in my diet.  The Instagramers of the world agreed with us, so The Devil Wears Pizza series was born.

I looked at some pizza photo shoots online and really wanted to do something different.  I'm not quite sure how I came up with the idea to combine high fashion posing with pizza, but it happened.  You should see the concept planning photos.  Maybe I'll post a little BTS (;

Of course we HAD to shoot a sexy pizza set as well.  Can you find Skye in the photos?  We had to include that signature touch!

Why work with Matt?

Matt is incredibly creative and fun to work with.  He's very respectful and professional when it comes to boudoir and implied shoots.  I have even sent an extremely shy and introverted acquaintance (very nervous about doing a boudoir shoot) to him for a bridal boudoir shoot.  She had a blast and her photos for her husband turned out great.  If you're looking to do one of these shoots but don't know who to work with, look no further. 

Check out his website at: https://www.photographybyarcher.com/

Ashlie Wynne