Interview with Professional Traveling Model Chelsea Marie


Chelsea Marie

Photo: Tony Rocco

Hi all! Time for another model interview. This month I would love for you all to check out another Denver based model. Chelsea travels professionally and is used to doing long tours across the U.S..

Model Alias: Chelsea Marie 

Age:  27

Signed or freelance? Both?: I am both a freelance model and a signed model. I am signed to Wilhelmina.

Photo: Rob Walker

Photo: Rob Walker

Ashlie: How did you start modeling?

Chelsea: The fitness industry actually got me into modeling. I was doing bikini fitness competitions and got an offer for a fitness calendar and decided to give modeling a try and I enjoyed it and it took off from there. 

Ashlie: How long have you been modeling professionally?

Chelsea: 2 years 

Ashlie: Do you have a favorite photographer?

Chelsea: I have a few! Tony Clapp Photography, Junmo Lee Photography, Colby Files, JClark Images, and Dave Kelley Artistics.

Photo: Milter Herrera

Photo: Milter Herrera

Ashlie: How would you best describe the traveling experience as a model?

Chelsea: I’d best describe the traveling experience as a model as also being an entrepreneur. There is admin and marketing work that goes into it, as well as traveling, which is an opportunity perk I am glad I’ve been able to experience.

Ashlie: Favorite city/cities to model in?

Chelsea: I enjoy San Fran/Bay area, Seattle, and Portland! 

Ashlie: If you had to pick one, what has been your favorite modeling job so far?

Chelsea: That's hard to say... There have been a lot of cool location shoots those would probably be my favorite when you can enjoy the landscape around you. But top shoots or the most rememberable: I'd say the Dry lake Beds in Vegas, The San Fran Bridge, and my shoot for Reebok! 

Photo: Colby Files photography

Photo: Colby Files photography

Ashlie: Secrets for self care? How do you maintain your look? 

Chelsea: I try to give myself one day a week of self care, a facial, and a nice meditation session. For my skin I always use SPF, vitamin c serums, and moisturizer. I eat healthy as often as I can, and workout 5-6 times a week! 

Ashlie: What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t in front of the camera?

Chelsea: I enjoy being active by working out and lifting weights, doing yoga, or going on a hike!

Ashlie: What is one piece of advice do you have for aspiring models? 

Chelsea: Take time out to learn posing, lighting, and practice expressions. When you are ready, networking to build a portfolio is a great place to start.

Photo: Justin Kyle Photography

Photo: Justin Kyle Photography

Ashlie Wynne