Model Pro Tips #9: Keeping Photos Safe & Organized


Stay organized

Photos by Mile High Captures 

Hi everyone!  I cannot believe that I'm on number nine already...  I think that technically this is week twelve, which is absolutely insane, but still.  I cannot believe it.  So many things to cover!  I hope that these talks are helpful for those of you who follow them every week.

I'll start off with some announcements. 

Denver area models and photographers.  This fall I will be holding an in person workshop with a photographer.  I am waiting to announce her name- we need to get planning first, but you can look forward to live model coaching from me and the photographer.  It is going to be a lot of fun, and you are not going to want to miss this.  Stay tuned for more details.  They will be announced on my website and Instagram account (@ash_lie.noelle). 

You all got to see the first few photos from the pizza concept shoot I did with Matt Archer this past week!  How are you liking The Devil Wears Pizza?  We had so much fun shooting these sets, so I hope that you are enjoying them. 

I am currently still on vacation in New York but am trying to answer all booking inquiries.  This is my first time taking time off from work in a while and it is so nice.  I am definitely looking forward to getting back in my routine though.


I rarely sit still, so time-off is hard for me

Have something you want me to talk about?  Send me a DM or an email and I will cover the topic!

Now for this week's talk.  Since I am on vacation, I figured that there was no better time to go through the photos on my computer.  I take photos of everything.  I am pretty sure that I get that from my mother.  This means that I have (or had as of a few days ago) 22,000 + photos on my phone, and about 80,000+ on my computer.  How do I keep my modeling work separate, organized, and safe?  Good question.  

How to NOT lose your photos after doing a zillion photoshoots- my FIVE best tips!

1. Get one small, portable, external hard drive for all of your modeling photos.  Store those babies in folders with the shoot name or photographer's name and the date of the shoot.  Label High Res and Low Res accordingly.  You should always have the photos saved in multiple places though, so...

2. Store photos on Google Drive or DropBox.  Do not rely on FaceBook on Instagram.  I guarantee that one day those social media  will not be used by everyone like they are now.  Store your things in multiple places.  Things happen.  People lose things.  Websites crash/die/end whatever.  Do not lose your entire modeling portfolio because that would be an absolute nightmare.

3. Use a separate email for all things modeling.  In addition to helping you keep all emails containing links to galleries separate from the trillions of sale emails you get from Target, having an email strictly for modeling can really help you keep your sanity.  I personally cannot stand sifting through emails to find the ones relevant to my job, so I have a few for modeling.  One is for commercial and promo jobs, and one is for concept work and collaborations.  If I'm looking for a specific gallery from a photographer, I know exactly where to look.

4. Don't want to create a whole new email?  Create folders.  Don't know how folders work?  Google it.  I have a background in psychology and I work as a model and actress.  Technology is hard, and thank God for Google. 

5. Keep an Excel spreadsheet of all of your photoshoots.  I do this with all of my paying gigs, but I will save all of that information for another talk on another day.  Check off the shoot when you have received edits back from the photographer and enter where you saved them.



That's all for today!  Next week we will be looking at why some models choose to get work done while others choose to stay natural.  You will get to hear answers from interviews with models on both ends of the spectrum.  You are definitely going to want to tune into that one.  See you next Monday!




Always save photos in more places than one.

Ashlie Wynne